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        Baoji Shenao Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan and covers an area of 1,000 square meters. The company's address is located in "China Titanium  Valley" - Baoji High-tech Industrial Development Zone.  


       The company produces more than 500 tons of titanium, nickel and metal composite materials annually, and produces 10,000 square meters of DSA coated titanium anode. The products have been successfully applied to more than 70 countries and regions such as theUnited States,Russia,Japan,Germany,India,South KoreaandTaiwan. Aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, electric power, environmental protection, chlor-alkali electrolysis, electroplating, hydrometallurgical and other industrial fields have become an important part of the world titanium industry.

       Since the establishment of the factory, adhering to the exquisite craftsmanship standards of the non-ferrous metal industry and the good business reputation of state-owned enterprises, a modern enterprise management system has been established. Strict implementation of GB/T and ASTM, ASME and other advanced technical standards, from the raw material into the factory inspection to the production and construction process development, production process quality control management, production quality inspection means to ensure the formation of a unified system. We have firmly established the business service concept of “honesty, customer-oriented, all staff management, quality is the root”, which makes products and services move toward a faster, higher and stronger realm and better serve Customers.

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