Anode Titanium Mesh/Titanium  anode for  electrolysis  seawater

Anode Titanium Mesh/Titanium anode for electrolysis seawater

Place of Origin:Shaanxi, Baoji, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Shenao
Application:Electrolysis,Electrplating ,Cathodic protection,etc
Dimensions:Titanium anode is customized
Grade:Gr1 titanium ,Platinum,Ruthenium-Iridium,Iridium-Tantalum coating
Powder Or Not:Not Powder
Material:Gr1 Gr2titanium
Ti Content (%):99.6%
Chemical property:corrosion resistent
Physical property:light weight
Advantages:effective.long working price


   titanium electrode


Gr1,Gr2 pure Titanium 


Plate,mesh,tube,wire,bar ects.


Different dimensions and shapes are available to us


Ru Ir coating

Ru coating

Ru Ir Sn coating

Coating technique

Sand blasting or Acid washing Brush painting and Oxidation



Current density≤2000A/M2


Max content of Fluoride ion is 200PPM

Applicable electrolyte

The electrolyte contents more Cl-,or the main reaction is chlorine evolution

 during the electrolytic process


1 High electrocatalytic activity

2 High current efficiency and save energy

3 High anti-erosion

4 Dimensionally stable

5 The substrate is reusable.

6 Economical and need no maintenance

7 High purity of cathode material production


NaOH & Chlorine production

Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Chlorine industry


1)    Titanium anode also be called MMO anode, DSA & Insoluble anode

2)    Cathode can be provided

2014总图库 384_副本

1.Water ionizer or water electrolysis 

*Making alkaline and acidic water

2.Waste water treatment

*Organic sewage treatment, *Chemical sewage treatment, 

*Pesticide sewage treatment, *Drinking water disinfection,

*Bleaching & dyeing, *Swimming pool 

*Domestic sewage treatment, *Hospital sewage treatment, 

*Food industry disinfection etc.

3.Sodium Hypochlorite Generator & Chlorinator 

*Swimming pool water treatment

*Water sterilization & water purification,


4.Sea water electrolysis or Electrodialysis 

*Desalination, *Material recycling in the waste water,

*Paper making, *Chemical, medical industry,

*Light industry, *Metallurgy, 

*Making fresh water, etc.

5.Chlor-Alkali Industry 


*Electroplating Zn,Cr,Ni,Pd,Au,etc.

*Metal electrodeposition,such as Ag, Au, Rh, Pd,Cu, Zn, Ni,Cr…

*Ag electrolysis

*Electrolysis Copper Foil

*Recover Hg

7.Battery Producing

8.Cathodic Protection

patent certification


main products


Company scene


1. Q:  Do you have XX model titanium anode?

 A:  Titanium anode products are all customized, there is no model. According to your exact drawing, nearly any shape and size we could produce. 

2. Q: Can you produce the anode for our XX equipment/generator?

A: Yes, we can. But different clients have different equipment/generator, and it needs different anode size, so your anode drawing is required. 

3. Q: Which anode coating is suitable for me?

A: Your industry please. According to your application environment, we will give you professional advice.

 4. Q: How about the anode working current and voltage?

 A: Titanium anode could be used for many industries, different industries have different suitable current and voltage take the following into consideration. -The suitable environment for our titanium anode: Current density: bellow 2000A/M2; -Temperature: 40-60℃; -There mustn't be any fluorine and cyanide ions in the electrolyte. 

5. Q: How about the titanium anode lifetime?

 A: The titanium anode lifetime for different industry aren't the same, half year to 50 years, according to your exact industry and environment, we will give you the guaranteed lifetime.

Best anode

We offer MMO and platinum electrodes for various industries.

All of our electrodes are produced based on our customers' specification and design.ShenAo titanium substrate processing facility is capable of producing electrode with different size, form, shape and other customized configurations, such as box, rod, wire, ring, mesh, tubular and any other geometry. 

Shenao Materail is experienced in manufacturing high quality platinum  anode  bar  for  sale. We have a professional factory which is dedicated to the developing and producing advanced platinum  anode  bar  for  sale. Welcome to make contact with our company.

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