Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Titanium Anode

Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Titanium Anode

Titanium Anode, Mmo Anode Plate manufacturer / supplier in China Shaanxi Baoji ShenAo, offering Water Purifier Electrode Titanium Mesh for Sale Long Service Life, Factory Professional Process Customized Ru-IR Coated Titanium Anode Tube for Electro Chlorination From China Long Service Life, Titanium Anode/Alkaline Ionizer Water Purifier Using Platinum Coated Titanium Plates and so on.


Product Detail

Basic Info

Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:ShenAo

Model Number:All

Technique:Rolling, Wire-Cutting, TIG Welding, Brush Painting

Dimensions:as Per Your Design

Grade:Pure Titanium as Substrate

Ti Content (%)::99.5%

Coating:Ruthenium and Iridium, Iridium, Iridium--Tantalum

Current Density:2000A/M2

Product Description

Product description

Material  Gr1 titanium

Coating  Iridium-Tantalum, Ruthenium-Iridium, Ruthenium-Iridium-Titanium, Ruthenium oxide, Iridium oxideas coating

Technology  Sand blasting, Acid washing and brush coating

Dimension  According to customers' drawing

Shape of base material  Sheet, pipe, rod, wire and mesh

Parameter  1. Current density≤ 2000A/m2

2. PH 0.1-14

3. Max content of fluoride ion is 200PPM

Electrolyte  Salt water/ Saline solution/Brine/Sea water

Advantages  1. Improved resistance for oxygen/chlorine mixed evolution

2. Range of compositions for various duties available 

3. Improved resistance in acidic media

4. Low wear rate

Working Parameter

1. Current density; 2000A/M2

2. Temperature<60

3. Salt water concentration 3~3.5%

Working Equipment

Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Titanium Anode


1. Electrolysis of organic matter such as cysteine, glyoxylic acid, succinic acid, etc, 

2. Cr3 to Cr6 electrolysis of indirect oxidation, sewage disposal to oxidize organic matter and toxic material in water, such as conversion of CN, as well as functions as auxiliary electrode in electro-plating industry, such as Cr plated auxiliary anode, auxiliary anode of electrolytic copper, auxiliary anode of electrolytic zinc, auxiliary electrode of cathode protection, etc. 

3. The product can be used in electrolysis of electrolytic cobalt and electrolytic nickel. 


1. Iridium has stable chemical performance and is a metal having the greatest ability of resisting corrosion. 

2. Iridium has extremely chemical stability to acid and is insoluble in the acid. 

3. Iridium will slowly dissolve in hot aqua regia when it is in sponge form, but will not corrode even in boiling aqua regia when it is in dense form, let alone normal corrosive. 

4. Iridium has intense tendency of forming coordination complex, and mainly includes 2, 4 and 6 valences. 

Application of element

Pure iridium is specifically used in spark plug of airplane, and is mainly adopted to manufacture scientific apparatus, thermo-coupling, resistance wire, etc. Used as alloy, iridium can enhance hardness and corrosion resistance of other metals. 

Pure iridium is mainly used in alloy, and is seldom used alone. When iridium is used alone, it is generally in the form of ingot, crucible or wire. High cost is required to process iridium into wire, and price of iridium wire is about 1000 RMB/g in the market. Alloy of iridium and platinum (10% of Ir and 90% of Pt), with extremely low expansion coefficient, is generally used for manufacturing international standard meter, as well as kilogram meter in the world.

Company Baoji ShenAo metal materials Led Co.,Ltd

Business model Manufacture

Main business Titanium metal materials, non-ferrous metal materials, coating titanium anode, rare metal, disinfecting water products, sewage treatment equipment, water treatment equipment, titanium standard parts processing, installation, sales;Chemical products (except hazardous chemicals), electronic products processing and marketing

Main market

North America



South America



Main Country Or Region


The United States





Item Name Ru-Ir Coated Titanium Anode Tube for Electro Chlorination from china

Size (MM)

as per customer designed

Base material

Gr1 Pure Titanium

Pt coating Thk (micron)

0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5/ 2.0/ 2.5/ 3.0

Application Electroplating, Electrolysis water to make H2 & O2

Shapes Rod, Disc, Tubular, Plate, Mesh etc.

Technique sand blasting acid washing, brush coating, sintering.

Packaging Detail

Plastic or paper as inside,plywood case or carton as outside, or according to client's demand.

Factory size 10000.00 square meters

Enterprise culture Striving for progress of production technology insisting on honesty and trustworthiness in sales

Main products

titanium electrode (including ruthenium-series titanium anode, iridium-series titanium anode, platinum-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, etc.)

titanium plate.

Shenao Materail is experienced in manufacturing high quality sodium hypochlorite generator titanium anode. We have a professional factory which is dedicated to the developing and producing advanced sodium hypochlorite generator titanium anode. Welcome to make contact with our company.
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