Titanium Anode Plate/MMO Titanium  Electrode

Titanium Anode Plate/MMO Titanium Electrode

Titanium Anode Plate


Titanium Anode Plate/MMO Titanium  Electrode

Production Process of Titanium Anode Plate:

Titanium / copper /titanium clad plate is clad by explosion-rolling, titanium and copper and good bond strength, the bonding rate is over 98%. And have high level of roughness and tolerance. The Max length is 6000mm.


Cladding material:


Base material:

T1、T2、/ TA1、TA2






Application: petrochemical industry, chemical industry, medicine and so on.

 Properties of Titanium Anode Plate

 Composite materials have high corrosion preventive and strength. It can used in equipment parts of tank, tube sheet, seal head, composite rod, Titanium/copper rod were widely used in chlor-alkali industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical intermediate, fuel, power, salt manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, metallurgy and power-generating and so on. cost – effective and low – cost.

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