Copper-steel Clad Plate/Stainless Steel Clad Copper  Plate

Copper-steel Clad Plate/Stainless Steel Clad Copper Plate

Copper-steel clad plate


Copper-steel Clad Plate/Stainless Steel Clad Copper  Plate

Copper-steel clad plate


Production Process

copper-steel clad plate is a new type material which is using clad method of explosive bonding and explosive welding rolling to process.

Material of Copper-steel Clad Plate 

Cladding material:



Base material:










Advantage of Copper-steel Clad Plate 

Copper-steel clad plate is a composite material by explosive bonding and welding process in which the base plate is carbon steel and the cladding plate is copper. Copper-steel clad plate not only have excellent electrical conductivity, abrasive resistance, thermal conductance of Cu but also have good weldability, formability and ductility of CS.


Copper-steel clad plate have been widely used in chemical, shipbuilding, electronics industry, power, metallurgy, machine, aviation and so on.


Shenao Materail is experienced in manufacturing high quality copper-steel clad plate. We have a professional factory which is dedicated to the developing and producing advanced copper-steel clad plate. Welcome to make contact with our company.

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