Copper Aluminum Clad Plate

Copper Aluminum Clad Plate

Copper aluminum clad plate


Copper aluminum clad plate


Baoji ShenAo Metal Materials Co., Ltd is specialized manufacturing and marketing of Cu based clad plate with high quality.

Production Process 

Copper-aluminum clad plate is a new kind of conductor material which is using special clad method of explosive welding and explosion - rolling to process.


Cladding material:



Base material:



Specification of copper-aluminum clad plate:



 Products size


(Thickness Cu/Al)







Other sizes on request.

Advantage of Copper aluminum clad plate 

Copper - aluminum clad materials have been widely used in applications such as electrolytic, metallurgy, automotive, new energy etc. it can used in the part of reducer union, electric accessory, electric conducting rail electric switch, condenser, car radiator, metal box board, copper gasket, copper aluminum connecting plate.


High quality, Mature technology, Strict production process, to satisfy customers with continuous improvement.

The clad plates/metals we supply cover the following categories:

Stainless steel clad plates;

Duplex steel clad plates;

Titanium and steel clad plates;

Nickel and steel clad plates;

Zirconium and steel clad plates;

Copper and steel clad plates;

Copper and Aluminum clad plates;

Aluminum and steel clad plates;

Titanium and copper clad plates;

5-layered Steel/Titanium/Nickel/Aluminum clad plates.

Shenao Materail is experienced in manufacturing high quality copper aluminum clad plate. We have a professional factory which is dedicated to the developing and producing advanced copper aluminum clad plate. Welcome to make contact with our company.

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