Copper-Aluminium Bimetal Clad Plate

Copper-Aluminium Bimetal Clad Plate

Place of Origin:Shaanxi,Baoji, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Shenao
Application:Metallurgy, Industrial
Shape: Customzied
Material:Titanium, Copper, Steel, Aluminum, Zirconium , nickel ,Customized
Dimensions:Customer's Demands
Chemical Composition:Customized
Process:Explosive welding
Size:Accept Custom
Base layer:Customers' request
Additional Layer: Customers' request


Product Description

Metal dynamic composite technology, using explosives as energy source, pushes high-pressure pulse load generated by explosive detonation to push high-layer tilting of another layer of material. The loading stress is much higher than the yield strength of metal material and the transient nature of loading process. The material is subjected to the locality of the load, the interlacing occurs in a small adjacent area of the point of action and moves at a high speed to achieve metallurgical bonding of the two metals, and the bonding zone exhibits a corrugated metallurgical bond.

The metal dynamic composite technology is not limited by the shape, thickness and area of the material to be processed; the bonding surface is metallurgical combination, the bonding strength is high; the mechanical processing performance is good; the material is improved in overall performance; the multi-layer material composite can be realized; Non-metallic composite; can make full use of the properties of the incompetent materials; the cost of dynamic composite materials is reduced.


We are committed to developing innovative designs using proven and technology-based business process to answer the long unmet needs of our prestigious clients from across the country. We take pride that our diversified product portfolio finds its application in various industrial verticals of engineering industries who are engaged in manufacturing and fabricating Process Equipment, Ship Building, Petrochemical Plants, Steel Plants, Refineries, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Power Plant, Pharmaceutical, Ports, Oil & Gas, Railway, Mining, Cement Plants, Paper Mills and Sugar Mills. Our management pose and broad geographical ubiquity are motivated by a modernized and robust infrastructure that equips us to develop actions of sturdy product manufacturing.

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The clad plates/metals we supply cover the following categories:

Stainless steel clad plates;

Duplex steel clad plates;

Titanium and steel clad plates;

Nickel and steel clad plates;

Zirconium and steel clad plates;

Copper and steel clad plates;

Copper and Aluminum clad plates;

Aluminum and steel clad plates;

Titanium and copper clad plates;

5-layered Steel/Titanium/Nickel/Aluminum clad plates.

1. Are you factory/manufacturer or trader?

We are direct factory who owns production lines and workers. Everything is flexible and there is no need to worry about extra charges by the middle man or trader.

 2. Which countries do you export to?

Our goods are mainly exported to Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Thailand,South Korea and so on.

 3. Can I get free samples?

If the sample is available, yes, can be free. If unavailable, need to customize.

4. What is your minimum order quantity?

Actually there is no MOQ for our products. But usually we recommend a quantity based on the price which is easy to accept.

 5. Which payment method you can accept?

Generally we adopt T/T, LC

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