Tantalum Copper Clad/Tantalum steel clad flange

Tantalum Copper Clad/Tantalum steel clad flange

Tantalum copper Clad


Tantalum Copper Clad/Tantalum steel clad flange

Production Process of Tantalum Copper Clad

Tantalum- copper clad plate is a material which is explosive bonding and welding the tantalum material and copper material. Such as tantalum- copper clad plate, tantalum – steel clad plate, niobium-steel clad plate, niobium-copper clad plate, zirconium-steel clad plate, zirconium-copper clad plate, silver-copper clad plate, titanium – steel clad plate, titanium –copper clad plate, copper – aluminum clad plate and so on.


Cladding material:


Base material:

T1、T2、Tu1 、Tu2






Application: Chemical

Properties of Tantalum Copper Clad:

Tantalum- copper clad plate is noble metals by explosive bonding and welding which have high corrosion preventive, thermostability of tantalum and have high strength. Cost – effective and low – cost. 

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