Titanium Copper Clad Flange/Titanium  Composite  Clad   Plate

Titanium Copper Clad Flange/Titanium Composite Clad Plate

titanium copper clad flange


Titanium Copper Clad Flange/Titanium  Composite  Clad   Plate

Production Process of Titanium Copper Clad Flange

Titanium – copper clad plate is clad by explosion-rolling, titanium and copper and good bond strength, the bonding rate is over 98%. And have high level of roughness and tolerance. The Max length is 6000mm.


Cladding material:


Base material:

T2、T3、T4 、H62






Advantage of Titanium Copper Clad Flange

Based copper plate clad titanium plate by explosive welding makes the clad materials have good property of electrical conductivity and resistant – corrosion, it can extend service life in bad chemical pollution environment, and reduce the energy consumption, maintenance and repair cost.

Application of Titanium Copper Clad Flange

electric power, electrolytic industry, wet-process metallurgy and so on.

Other sizes of titanium – copper clad plate on customer request, and we can produce the artifact of copper/steel, copper/aluminum, titanium/copper, nickel/copper, zirconium/copper, stainless steel/copper.


High quality, Mature technology, Strict production process, to satisfy customers with continuous improvement.

Shenao Materail is experienced in manufacturing high quality titanium copper clad flange. We have a professional factory which is dedicated to the developing and producing advanced titanium copper clad flange. Welcome to make contact with our company.

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