Explosive welding Copper aluminum bimetal clad

Explosive welding Copper aluminum bimetal clad

Place of Origin:Shaanxi,Baoji, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Shenao
Application:Metallurgy, Industrial
Shape: Customzied
Material:Titanium, Copper, Steel, Aluminum, Zirconium , nickel ,Customized
Dimensions:Customer's Demands
Chemical Composition:Customized
Process:Explosive welding
Size:Accept Custom
Base layer:Customers' request
Additional Layer: Customers' request


Explosive welding is a new process for metal bonding. This new welding process requires cleaning of the metal joint before implementation. For example, copper clad aluminum busbar, aluminum steel transition joints, etc., must be cleaned and purified before the explosion welding.

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With the development of science and technology, the requirements for materials in various fields have gradually increased. For example, in industrial production, not only cost savings, but also the consumption of precious metals as little as possible, but also the performance of the material is not affected. al-cu bimetal material is produced under this condition. It has the advantages of good conductivity, high thermal conductivity, low contact resistance and beautiful appearance. It also has the advantages of light weight, wear resistance and low price of aluminum material. It can be said that it combines the chemical and physical properties of aluminum and copper to make up for the shortage of single materials, and has a very good application prospect. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, electric power, machinery, automobiles and daily necessities.

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Trade term:

1).Lead time: 30-90days after we get the down payment

2).Payment term:50% down payment+50%  balance payment before shipment

3.Payment by T/T

4).Once you inquiry,please let us know what materials you need and its material trademark/grade,such ,and the dimenstions of the product, and the usage of the product.

5).Kindly note samples can be sent per your request.

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