Zirconium /steel Clad Plate

Zirconium /steel Clad Plate

Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Shenao
Application:Metallurgy, Industrial
Shape: Customzied
Material:Titanium, Copper, Steel, Aluminum, Zirconium , nickel ,Customized
Dimensions:Customer's Demands
Chemical Composition:Customized
Process:Explosive welding
Size:Accept Custom
Base layer:Customers' request
Additional Layer: Customers' request


The Zirconium /steel Clad Plate we produce use a new metal dynamic clad technology, it is a new technology developed from explosion processing technology. Explosives are used as energy sources. Instantaneous high-temperature and high-pressure can be obtained through detonation of explosives to generate high-voltage pulsed loads, which pushes one material to collide with another material at a high speed to achieve metallurgical bonding of the two metals. The combined zone presents wave-like metallurgy. Combine.


The use of pure zirconium for the manufacture of pressure vessels is not only costly but also wastes resources. The zirconium plate and the steel plate are made into a zirconium-steel composite plate by the method of explosive composite. The composite plate as the main material of the pressure vessel not only comprehensively utilizes the advantages of zirconium and steel, but also greatly reduces the manufacturing cost, and the average cost is only pure. Zirconium ~. This provides a practical and reliable way to save zirconium resources.

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