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Copper Metal Clad Stainless-Steel Plate
Baoji Shenao Materail Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info

Type:Ti Copper Composite

Application:Industrial, Medical





HS Code:721014

Product Description 

With advanced explosion-rolling process, we provide the first rate non-ferrous metal composites, mainly titanium clad copper and also including zirconium clad copper, 316L steel clad copper, titanium clad 316L steel plates, bars, tubes, composite wire, and multi-layer clad composites, etc. The clad metal products could be up to four individual layers of metal or alloys. At minimum, there is a core and an outer layer; each layer thickness could be optimized to your needs.

Baoji ShenAo Metal Materials Co., Ltd is specialized manufacturing and marketing of Cu based clad plate with high quality.Metallurgical bonding between cladding and base metal ensures no distributed transverse crack, which is the most outstanding feature of explosion welding clad metals.

Main products:

 copper-aluminum clad plate, copper-steel clad plate, copper-nickel clad plate, nickel-steel clad plate, copper- tantalum clad plate, copper- titanium clad plate, and copper- aluminum-copper clad plate,Titanium – copper bar, titanium –copper flatbar

 http://titanium - copper clad flangehttp://titanium - copper clad flange


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