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Copper Metal Clad Stainless-Steel Plate
Baoji Shenao Materail Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2016

Basic Info

Model NO.: 1060-Cu

Application: Air Condition or Refrigerator, Water Tube, Water Heater, Oil Cooler Pipe, Power Supply,Aluminum Profile Factories

Shape: Plate,Bar,Tube

Color: Yellow+Other

Size: Customized Specification

Type: Copper Bars

Material: Brass

Alloy: aluminum +Copper

Standard: GB/T

Origin: shanxi baoji,China

Product Description

1.Category: Explosion Welded Aluminum Copper Block (explosive welded piece), aluminum-steel transition joint (explosive welded piece), copper-aluminum Metal clad plate (electrodecollector bar, conducting arm), stainless steel-copper  (electrode, collector bar, conducting arm), titanium-copper busbar(electrodecollector barconducting arm), titanium-copper (electrodecollector barconducting arm)

2.Characters and applications of conductive clad metals

Conductive dissimilar clad metals by explosive welding, and clad transition joints with all different shapes and usages, have significant technical and economic values, which should be developed widely. Clad transition joint has the advantages of electric conductivity and energy saving; and explosive welded clad metals have broadly applications in electrolytic industry and electric power industry. Transition electric joints can save energy in electrolytic process. The applications of transition electric joints in power transmission and distribution industry, substituting aluminum for copper, is a significant technique measures in developing electric power industry. However, how to connect cooper and aluminum is the crucial topic when develop aluminum replacing cooper. 

Red cooper rod electrode exerts its eminent performance of conductivity and corrosion resistance when its surface is welded a thin layer of titanium, nickel, stainless steel. Cooper-aluminum clad pipe is used as wiring terminals at high voltage substation. Cooper-aluminum busbar (titanium-copper/aluminu busbar/bar, stainless steel-copper/aluminum busbar/bar, nickel-copper/aluminum busbar/bar, etc.)is used in chemical industry replacing cooper/aluminum busbar for saving precious cooper, and providing good corrosion resistance, and improving the lifetime. Cooper-aluminum transition joint (copper-aluminum explosive welded block) is widely used in aluminum profile surface treatment and giant electroplating equipments production. 

Trade term:

1.Lead time: 30-90days after we get the down payment

2.Payment term:50% down payment+50%  balance payment before shipment

3.Payment by T/T

4.Once you inquiry,please let us know what materials you need and its material trademark/grade,such as SS400,and the dimenstions of the product, and the usage of the product.

5.Kindly note samples can be sent per your request. 

Baoji ShenAo Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a high technology company dedicated to R&D, production and sales of Metal Dynamic Composite Materials inChina. With advantages of clad metals, excellent corrosion resistance & wear resistance, good heat & electrical conductivity as well as can save precious metals, and reduce cost,our products are broadly used in many fields, such as Aeronautics & Aviation, Ocean Engineering, Ship Manufacturing, Heat Exchanger, Machinery Equipment, Chemistry Industry, Metallurgical Equipment, Petroleum Refining Processes, Medical Equipment, Nuclear Engineering, etc. Our strength is reliability in good quality, quick delivery, best service, and competitive prices.Welcome to contact with us.Thank you.

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