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Platinum-Titanium Anode
Baoji Shenao Materail Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2016

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Basic Info



Product Description

Basic metal: Ti (gr1, gr2, gr5, tc4)

Working current: Max 5000A/m2

Temperature scope: Max 80 degree

Fluorine ion concentration: Max 500mg/l

Coating metal: Platinum ( purity: 99.99%)

Platinum content: Min 21.48G/M2

Platinum coating thickness: 0.5-10μ M

pH value: 1-12

Shape of basic material:  Can be in expanded metal/mesh, bar/rod, tube/pipe, sheet/plate and other complx shape. 


Application-specific design

High anti-corrsion

Tight adhesion between platinum coating and substrate titanium material

Low weight (especially expanded metal)

Energy saving

Recoating possible


Seawater, plating line, pulse plating, cathodic protection, acidic & alkaline plating liquor.

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