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Three-Layered Aluminum/Copper Clad Plate - Explosion Bonded (E006)
Baoji Shenao Materail Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 04, 2016

Basic Info

Model NO.: Aluminium steel bimetal sheet

Surface Treatment: Polish, Grinding etc Per Customer Request

Application: Ship Plate, Boiler Plate, Container Plate, Flange Plate, Others

Stock: Not Stock

Type: Steel Plate

Technique: Per Customer Request

Special Use: High Strength and Wear Resistance

Size: Customized

Package: Customized

Origin: shaanxi,China

Product Description

General introduction 

Place of Origin: shaanxi,China(Mainland)

Model Number: stainless steel clad plate

Material: cladding metal new materials, excellent stainless steel and customized metals, such as Stainless steel designations: austenitic stainless steel, ferrite steel, austenitic stainless steel +ferrite steel, ferrite steel

Process Technical: Explosion Welding

Application: Petroleum refining, chemical and petrochemical industries, Salt manufacturing, soda manufacturing, paper-making, and other chemical industries, Electric power industry, Storage and transportation industry, Large diameter industrial welded pipes, Sea water desalination, Smelt industry (magnesium refining furnace)

Shape: plate,square,retangle,rod or others customized

Size: the cladding metal thickness 0.5-50mm; the base metal thickness: 0.5-500mm; dimension of length and width: according to customer's requirements and transportation condition

Advantage: Low cost ,High yield strength ,Good corrosion resistance ,Luxurious and nice appearance,Advanced cladding technology ,Stable and strong composite ,Good processability ,High elongation ,Stainless steel-steel has strong strength, durable 

Product  information

stainless steel & other metals combined by explosive welding

In the process of modernization, people always make tanks and structures by superior or precious materials to improve their lifetime in many industries. If we can weld a special metal layer to the common metal substituting for precious metals, the problem will be  solved. This special clad metal can meet the characteristics requirements as well as avoid waste of precious metals.

That's why clad metals come out. Stainless steel-steel plate is a bimetal high efficiency and energy saving material. Its base plate is steel, welding 0.1-20mm of stainless steel plate on one side or two sides of steel plate. Combining the good characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, diamagnetism, luxurious, decorative of stainless steel, with weldable, formability, tensile, and heat conductivity of steel, stainless steel-steel clad plate becomes a multifunctional material. Meanwhile, since this metal can save nickel/chrome alloy, reduce cost, and much cheaper, it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, salt refining plant, alkali plant, and other kinds of industries substituting for whole stainless steel, even B30 copper, and Monel alloy. It will benefit the society. 

Available Specification

stainless-steel clad plate

stainless steel-steel-stainless steel clad plate

Stainless Steel-Aluminum Clad Plate

Stainless Steel-Aluminum-Stainless Steel Clad Plate

Stainless Steel-copper Clad Plate

Stainless Steel-copper-Stainless Steel Clad Plate

Stainless Steel-high manganese Clad Plate

Stainless steel copper clad electrode material

Stainless steel steel clad tube

Advantages of Explosion Welding Clad Metal Materials

- Save rare metal and reduce plant cost

-Reasonably combine and match the property of the base metal and compound metal

-Flexibly determine the thickness ratio of two or more kinds of metals as per demand

-Reduce the structural design thickness or promote allowable stress of structure

Trade term:

Item Terms     Content

1     Lead time       30-90days after we get the down payment

2     Payment term 50% down payment+ 50% balance payment before shipment

3     Payment  T/T

4     Notice     Once you inquiry,please let us know what materials you need and its material trademark/grade.

5     Samples  samples can be sent per your request. 

Company profile

Baoji City ShenAo Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a high technology company dedicated to R&D, production and sales of Metal Dynamic Composite Materials inChina. Our products are broadly used in many fields, such as Aeronautics & Aviation, Ocean Engineering, Ship Manufacturing, Heat Exchanger, Machinery Equipment, Chemistry Industry, Metallurgical Equipment, Petroleum Refining Processes, Medical Equipment, Nuclear Engineering, etc. Our strength is reliability in good quality, quick delivery, best service, and competitive prices.Welcome to contact with us.Thank you.

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