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Platinum Coated Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode
Baoji Shenao Materail Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 08, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

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Product Description

1)Specifications and limits:
pH level* max. Between 1 and 12
Platinum layer thickness* 2-5 μ Or as desired
Max. Content of fluorides* 50 mg/l
Max. Allowable current* 50 A/dm²
Low weight.
Good current resistance.
Long operating life: Maintenance free.
Economical, due to low platinum requirements.
High dimensional stability and load resistance.
Highly suitable as auxiliary anodes of complex geometrical shapes.
Copper, nickel, cobalt mining
Electroplating of Au, AG, Rh, PT, Pd, and Ru
Chrome plating
Electroplating of Cu, Zn, Ni and Sn
Electroplating of printed circuits
Equalisation of cathode/anodic current efficiency
Waste plating baths and rinsing solutions
Dentistry industry: Crowns, bridges and inlays
Hollow jewellery
Electro-oxidation of Cr(III) to Cr(VI)
Electro-oxidation of Mn(II) to Mn(VII)
Oxo and peroxo compounds
Detoxification of harmful substances
Installations in water channels
Heat exchanger
On and off shore steel constructions
Water pipelines, pumps
Potable water applications


Platinum Plated Titanium   Mesh Anode


Anode Shape: plate, tube,   mesh, rod
  Floor Metal: Gr1, Gr2, TA1, TA2
  Coating Material: Pt
  Coating Thickness: 2-10um
  Working Current: < 5000A/sq   m
  Noble Metal Content: > 15g/sq   m
  Content of Florin Ions: < 50mg/L
  Temperature: < 80 degree celsius
  PH Value: 1-12


1. High erosion-resisting
  2. High current efficiency
  3. High durability
  4. Floor can circle after electrodes lose activity
  5. Heavy current density, high productivity
  6. Light weight


Sewage disposal
  Cathode protection
  High speed electroplating cooper (electronic industry)
  Noble metal plating (silver, gold)
  Sea water cathode protection
  Testing electrode
  Electrolytic syn thesis of organic
  Plating industry
  Electroplating chromium
  Electrolytic water


This process is widely   used in metals refining. For example, in copper refining, copper anodes, an   intermediate product from the furnaces, are electrolysed in an appropriate   solution (such as sulfuric acid) to yield high purity (99.99%) cathodes.   Copper cathodes produced using this method are also described as electrolytic   copper.


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