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Titanium Clad Tube Plate (E013)
Baoji Shenao Materail Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2016


1. Titanium Clad Copper Metal Rod

2. Forming: Round, Square, Rectangle, Hex, Octagonal

3. Ti+Cu; Zi+Cu 

4. ISO9001:2000

Titanium Cald Copper Metal Rod

Material: TA1,TA2.etc

cover thickness:0.5-3 mm

primary thickness:above3.5mm


Titanium copper cladding plate

Material: TA1, TA2, TA9, TA10/T, H, Q, B

Cover thickness:0.5-3 mm

Primary thickness: above 3.5mm


Length: less than12000mm

Application: Power industry, electrolysis industry, cooking utensils, hydrometallurgy, etc.

titanium clad copper anode:

Compound material product size table

implement national standard: GB/T12769-2003

Technology:rolled +stretch

definitionsection shape and size(mm)add materialadd materialSubstrate material

layer thickness

squarelength(20-40) r(3-8)1.0-2.0Ti,Zr,Ni,Stainless steelT2,TU2,AL,etc


Application:Electroplating, electrolysis, wet metallurgy,, petroleum chemical industry,Energy engineering, ocean engineering,Surface treatment, electrode manufacturing


1.Double metal composite bars production new technology patent certificate

2.Corrosion resistance, strong conductive.

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The strengths of Titanium clad copper  anode:

-Low processing costs

-Big composite materials available with excellent metallurgical bonding by explosive welding process

-Fantastic corrosion resistance in strongly corrosive solutions due to outside Titanium layer

-Excellent conductivity and fully ductile for shaping and forming due to OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity) Copper Core and Great weldability for connecting, capping and joining Save 10%~30% energy in plating system


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